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Celebrate diverse children’s literature and hair diversity!

Students will enjoy a playful, rhyming story of a young girl learning about her big, afro hair.

Understanding hair diversity is important for building self-esteem and sharing cultural experiences that make us all unique.

Program Highlights

 Exciting Live Reading
 Hair Diversity Talk: interactive discussion and Q&A for students
 Sing-a-Long to Niya’s Theme Song

Get ready for a hair-empowering adventure!

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How to prepare for an author visit?


1.  Provide audio and visual equipment (i.e a large TV screen or projector, sound system, and depending on the group size, 1 microphone if available. 
2. (optional) Have students prepare questions in advance that can be asked by either the student or teacher. Preparing questions ahead of time will help guide our discussion, will ensure each student feels represented by their class, and will ensure an easier transition between each class. 



3. We know things may come up, therefore we are happy to accommodate the change in your schedule. Please allow a minimum of 24 hours’ notice. We can reschedule an available date/time that works for you.



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Can we receive a discount if other schools within the vicinity book too?

5. Schools receive ‘Tour Pricing’ (10% off) if 1 other school within the same region books on the same day.


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6. Yes absolutely! Save 10% on the purchase of 50 books or more. Additional savings are available for larger quantities.



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Niya’s Coily World is a platform to improve hair diversity and empowerment by showcasing the beauty of black hair, and promoting cultural awareness and understanding in an accessible and relatable way.

  • Vision

    At Niya's Coily World, our vision is to revolutionize the way society perceives afro hair. We are on a mission to break down stereotypes, challenge beauty standards, and create a global community that appreciates the diverse beauty of textured hair.
  • Mission

    Our mission at Niya's Coily World is twofold: to improve access to textured hair education and to normalize hair diversity in pop culture. We are dedicated to providing accessible comprehensive resources that empower individuals to understand and care for their unique hair textures. We also strive to reshape beauty standards by showcasing the diverse beauty of afro-textured hair in mainstream media.



Venesse is the author and illustrator of “Niya Hatten! Let’s Get those Coils Crowned in Satin!”
Born and raised in Toronto, she has deep Caribbean roots as a second-generation Jamaican.
Venesse’s passion for textured hair empowerment started after she returned to her own natural coils after years of chemical straightening and was inspired to share her journey of falling in love with her tightly coiled hair.
Venesse is on a mission to inspire a coil-savvy world through the increased recognition of afro, kinky and zig-zag patterned hair textures.