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Niya's Coily World

“Niya Hatten! Let’s get those coils crowned in Satin!” - Book

“Niya Hatten! Let’s get those coils crowned in Satin!” - Book

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Niya can't wait for her big day to arrive. But something is standing in her way . . . her hair! Niya would do anything to avoid getting her hair done. She dislikes that it takes so long. 

Will Niya let Mom wash and style her hair in time for the big day? Follow along as Mom guides Niya and teaches her about her coily, textured hair and how to fall in love with her kinks. Niya soon discovers the uniqueness of her textured hair and how satin helps to protect and crown her luscious coils with style.

Get lost in the playful words of this rhyming story which are guaranteed to inform and inspire. Written and illustrated by Venesse Lewis, this is the perfect book for children with textured crowns. Check out the bonus glossary of hair terms, top tips, and journal exercise to help you navigate the natural, textured-hair world.

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